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20th anniversary record

20th anniversary record


About the record:


We are thrilled to announce the limited release of 100 vinyls to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Brooklyn Aikikai.


There are four tracks: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. We thought about the energy, color, idea, symbolism, and understanding we have of each season and expressed it musically.


This was coproduced by Melissa Valencia and Ryugan Savoca, and features all original music by Dan(ielle) Grubb, Sam Geller, Jorge Mario Vortex, Joanna Mattrey, and Andrés Echeverri Valencia. Original lyrics and recitations are by Ryugan. Also featuring Cormac Savoca!


Ryugan and Bethany Martin designed the album cover. Sean MacNintch is responsible for all graphic design and layout.

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