2019 Spring Fundraiser

Saturday, April 27 from 5-8 p.m.

Video By Rebecca Scheckman

$11,657 out of $10,000 raised!

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This year’s annual Spring Fundraising Event will be a kid-friendly cocktail party held at the Faber Residence in Prospect Heights, featuring craft cocktails and mocktails prepared by Brooklyn Aikikai’s Ryugan Savoca Sensei!

There will be delicious food and drinks, music and dancing, and a separate, well-supervised space for the kids.

All proceeds from the event will go toward providing monthly scholarships for adults and children, hosting world class aikido and zen seminars, awarding travel scholarships for students to train around the globe, and maintaining our world-class dojo, Brooklyn Aikikai.

Brooklyn Aikikai is a non-profit martial arts dojo dedicated to aikido, zen, misogi, and iaido. As we celebrate our 17th year in Gowanus, Brooklyn, your support helps us continue our mission of being a sanctuary of serious practice. Thank you!