Brooklyn Aikikai is a nonprofit whose mission is to foster the harmony of the entire individual (mind, body, and emotions) through the disciplines of aikido, zen, misogi, and iaido. These traditional Japanese arts are a "Do" (or "Tao" in Chinese), a Way, through which one strives to reveal the true self. By bringing this true self forward, one is transformed, and so also is the world.

We provide a sanctuary in New York City where individuals from all backgrounds may develop themselves through training in the above arts. We promote understanding of these traditional Japanese arts, as well as other Japanese cultural activities and welcome productive partnerships with schools, other nonprofits, and community organizations that enhance understanding of our mission. 

We also offer a free monthly class for members of the public to experience aikido. Our zen meditation sessions are open to the public by donation. Contact us at mail@brooklynaikikai.com for more information.

Brooklyn Aikikai is a member of Birankai North America, an organization founded by T.K. Chiba Shihan to promote quality instruction and practice of aikido. Birankai is recognized by Hombu Dojo in Japan. 

Brooklyn Aikikai does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or national origin.

aikido for adults

aikido for kids



Chief Instructor, Ryūgan R.D. Savoca


Ryugan Robert D. Savoca began studying judo and aikido at age 13 in San Diego County. He continued to study aikido at UCLA and then the West Los Angeles Aikido Institute.

Moving to New York, he continued his training at Aikido of Manhattan for a year and a half with Juba Nour Shihan. Afterwards, he apprenticed to T.K. Chiba Shihan, as an uchideshi (live in student) in San Diego for a year. Moving back to New York, he resumed training with Juba Nour Shihan and then started Brooklyn Aikikai in 2001.

Savoca holds the rank of rokudan (6th dan), and is certified to teach by Birankai North America.


Assistant Instructor, Kate Savoca

Kate Savoca began her aikido training in 2002 at Brooklyn Aikikai. She currently holds the rank of yondan (4th dan) and is certified to teach by Birankai North America. Kate has been teaching at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY, for over 15 years.

Kate is the director of the children's program at Brooklyn Aikikai.