Parent Testimonials



We love Brooklyn Aikikai! Our son, 11 years old, has been in Kate Sensei’s class for over 5 years and in that time has grown tremendously in his physical and spatial awareness, his ability to focus for more than a nanosecond, and in his overall self-confidence. He loves learning the techniques, perfecting them with a partner, and playing in group games. Kate Sensei manages to keep the class structured and disciplined, but also really fun! The focus on mutual respect, non-aggression, and bodily awareness are great gifts and a big part of our son’s physical, mental, and emotional learning. We’re thrilled that he wants to go to class each week!



Our family has been a part of the children's classes at Brooklyn Aikikai for close to four years now. We have continually been impressed with Kate Sensei and other instructors who patiently and consistently guide our kids each week. Sensei expects a lot of our two boys, physically and mentally, and it's clear she believes that all the kids are capable of doing great work. For this reason, my sons have come to increasingly trust in their capabilities. They feel stronger, more confident, and part of a larger community. The experience my oldest son has gained at the dojo has been particularly gratifying. Physically, he's improved his core strength, gained more control over his body, and improved his posture and stamina. Mentally, he can focus over longer periods of time and has better impulse control. Both boys are gradually coming to understand that the practice of aikido goes beyond the mat: a way of living wholistically and with great intention. They feel proud of themselves to be a part of this dojo. It's fun and it's hard and it's just good, good, good. We can't imagine a better place for them to grow and learn than at Brooklyn Aikikai. 



Our son Theo, 8, has trained at the dojo for almost a year now and it's proved to be a very important place for him to not only learn excellent aikido techniques, but also to learn about his own energy—how to find his center, create balance and expand his awareness. In his own words, “Every day Sensei says you're receiving a new rank. You're working up by practicing a lot. You work towards your goal in aikido and it builds off how much you practice... You have to practice and practice for months, but eventually you get there and when the tests come you are ready because you've been practicing.” I feel confident, having practiced aikido myself for many years, that Theo's training is already helping him with many of life's tests—both on the mat and off. We're very grateful to be part of the dojo community. 



Both of our sons, ages 9 and 7, have been attending Brooklyn Akikai’s classes for almost 3 years. They have also participated in the summer camp Sensei Kate offers, which includes classes in aikido, Japanese culture and cooking, calligraphy, and origami. The children are always motivated to attend classes and love to share and demonstrate what they’ve learned. Our boys consider Brooklyn Aikikai the place to, “Grow stronger, gain confidence, learn discipline and respect.” Sensei Kate and is patient and intentional in her teachings. She guides her classes to find balance and inner calm while learning aikido. She consistently captures the children’s attention which begins with written quotes outside the dojo such as, “Collect yourself”, a reminder we can all benefit from. We highly recommend Brooklyn Aikikai, a gem in so many ways, amongst other martial arts schools in the neighborhood.